Gloss Hair Academy

A commitment to education is the safest bet I’ve ever made. It’s an asset that no one can ever take away from you.

Clearly, I’m an advocate for education and upping your skills in any industry. But, when it comes to hair and makeup artistry, it’s vitally important to stay on top of your game and not let the trends slip past. Perfecting the classics is important but as in all areas of fashion, wedding hair and makeup trends can change quicker than the weather during a May ceremony.

My Journey as an Educator Began ...

15 years into my hairdressing career. Following the completion of my Diploma in theatrical, media, fashion, and photographic makeup, I was already working as a bridal hair and makeup artist in the UK but the calling to teach was growing ever stronger. So back to college I journeyed and in ‘04 I competed the Further and Adult Education Training Certificate. I absolutely loved passing on my skills and knowledge, nurturing the creativity in up-coming makeup artists. After moving to Perth in ‘13, I joined the team at Niche Education just as they were setting up a new makeup school, ACSM (Australian College of Specialist Makeup). In my role as course coordinator and trainer/assessor, I was not only educating and nurturing, I was also mentoring other educators and developing course material. Over a few glorious years I had the pleasure of directing students during some of their career highlights; including working backstage at runway shows, charity events, and theatre productions. As I got to watch my offspring (the student variety) create their own successes, the yearning to do more in this arena became an itch that needed scratching. Then I had the lightbulb moment, I can develop my own courses, organise them, and teach them too! Check me with all the skills! It was time to bring it all under Truly Gorgeous.


The Gloss Hair Academy Method

When I crafted the Gloss courses they quickly became all about being creatively free within a structured guide. “Eh! What does that even mean?!” Well it may seem like a bit of an oxymoron but throughout my teaching career I have found that students really thrive when they have a guide to follow while having the freedom to express their own vision outside of the norm. This means that each student will design a style that’s very much their own and breaking the rules is almost always encouraged. Truly Gorgeous offers a range of courses suitable for all levels of experience from absolute beginners to those with many years’ experience in hairdressing. Click here to check out what’s on offer and when.