TG Courses

It’s always a good time to dive in and commit to your craft (okay, well maybe not in the middle of your latest must watch Netflix series but any other time is good). These courses are designed to work at all levels so a perfect choice for makeup artists looking to increase their skillset, a fresh newbie with a passion for hairstyling, or a seasoned pro wanting to refresh or regain a bit of confidence in long hairstyling. In addition to the four courses I offer 1:1 long hair training tailored exclusively to meet your requirements as well as in-salon training, which can be a great opportunity to upskill a whole salon ready for the next wedding season.

Two-Day Core Creative

The master class of hair design and wedding artistry. This two-day dive into the industry will give you a chance to learn the basis for becoming a bridal hair stylist. On day one we will cover the essential need-to-know info, from how to conduct a trial to creating your styling kit. You will learn how to select the right tools for the job; how to create shape and balance; as well as extension, braiding, and backcombing techniques. Day two is where we put all of the theory to use and work through at least six of the most requested bridal styles. With a take home manual and certificate of attendance, you’ll be good to go out into the wedding world and create some magic.

Next Course: 15th & 16th March 2020

Further Dates: 19th & 20th April 2020

Time: 10am-4pm

Cost: $595

A Touch of Hollywood - Vintage Bride

Some things never go out of style and when it comes to bridal hair artistry, vintage will always be in fashion. This course takes you back to the 20’s and right through to the 60’s as I show you the origins of the top most requested vintage bridal looks. We then focus on three vintage bridal styles as you work your newfound magic. I’ll work with everyone one-on-one and show you how to customize each style based on specific client requests. Just like all of the TG courses, you will get a take home manual and certificate of attendance.

Next Course: Date to be released 
Cost: $450

Modern Classic – The Elegance Collection

This course is all about the classics. Think: Megan Markle and Audrey Hepburn. Yep, I’m going straight for the big guns on this one and there’s a reason why their looks transfer across generations. You don’t need any previous hair experience to join us on this course and learn how to create the most elegant bridal hair styles. From the oversized bun to the side chignon, The Elegance Collection is all class with a touch of your unique vision. Just like all of the TG courses, you will get a take home manual and certificate of attendance.

Next Course: Date to be released

Cost: $450

Modern Romance – The Pinterest Collection

If you know a bride or have been a bride, you will know that Pinterest becomes a serious addiction, with no known cure yet discovered. A truly focused pin board can also help we hair stylists get a really clear idea of what the bride is looking for. That’s why I created The Pinterest Collection course. This full-day workshop is designed to give you the guidance and knowledge on how to re-create four modern romantic bridal styles that flood Pinterest every day. I will work with everyone one-on-one and guide the workshop to ensure that you get a good handle on the techniques, while also not being afraid to add your own edge. A detailed manual is yours to keep and you will also receive a certificate of attendance. #pinspiration

Next Course: 29th March 2020

Cost: $450

Please note that all costs are fully inclusive, meaning that all you have to bring is yourself and your energy. I will provide the products and equipment you need as well as the training heads!